Special Announcement about the
Rod Dillon Memorial Scramble
Last year, we were able to raise $4,000 in scholarship money 
through the first annual scramble. We hope to honor Springboro's 
graduating seniors of 2017 with the same opportunity to earn scholarships, 
in Rod's name.

FRIDAY, Sept. 30th.
Rod Dillon Memorial Scramble 
Six foursomes are registered for the Rod Dillon Memorial Scramble. We have room for and a need for several more.
Please contact Pam Dillon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get your foursome in! 

"I'm Still Looking Up To Rod..." 
In the last 40 years, Rod Dillon has had such a powerful influence in the lives of so many people -- as a coach, community leader, husband and father. But I especially remember the influence he had over me as Springboro's quarterback in 1972. I was merely the QB over a bunch of seventh graders, but he was the leader of the varsity ... the guys who seemed larger than life to me. I can remember this very night 40 years ago -- the second Friday in November -- when Rod led a fired-up Springboro team to a 30-0 slam-dunk against Madison to close out the season with its sixth win in a row. I'm convinced the Panthers could have beat the Green Bay Packers if they could have kept on playing; they got better as the season moved on. I wrote "The Heart of the Panthers" in part because of the enjoyment I experienced in growing up in a small town. But I also wrote it because, no matter how much older I got, I never forgot the feeling of being 12 and dreaming of the day when I would play varsity quarterback for the Springboro Panthers, like Rod Dillon did. He was right up there with Pete Rose and Jerry West as one of my idols. That's why he plays such a prominent role in that book. Rod's in heaven tonight, having succumbed to a mysterious attack on his lungs that started a year-and-a-half ago. He is at peace, and healthy again. And if he's not warming up for another shot as a quarterback, then he's coaching somebody who will. And somewhere along the sidelines, there's a 12-year-old kid who's watching his every move, waiting for the day when it's his turn. I've talked with Rod a lot over the years, and I'm going to miss him. I'll miss his insights about the Reds and the current version of the Springboro Panthers, and I'll miss his stories from 40 years ago. But I'll remember him every time I drive by Wade Field, the football field he and his teammates so dominated in 1972. And I'll remember him every time I watch Springboro play. I'll remember him every time I see a 12-year-old kid wearing a football jersey. "The Heart of the Panthers" was a combination of boyhood dreams and small-town fun, and the impact of all the people surrounding them. It was about football Friday nights, like the one 40 years ago, and about the history of this town. It was Rod Dillon. Later, dude. I'm still looking up to you. -- Jeff

About Rodney Dillon: Rodney R. Dillon passed away at the age of 57 on November 8, 2012 at the Cleveland Clinic after waiting for a lung  transplant for several months prior. He was born in Columbus, OH, to Junior and Phyllis (Cox) Dillon, and a 45-year resident of Springboro. Rod was a 1973 Springboro High School graduate and was inducted into the Springboro Athletic Hall of Fame in 1983.  Many in Springboro consider him the "best quarterback Springboro has ever had". Rod Dillon started the business education program at Springboro High School and later went on to teach for the Warren County Career Center and the Little Miami School District. Rod was active with SHS sports for three decades as a basketball scorekeeper, and seven years as the football announcer. He also coached various sports at both SHS and LMHS. Rod Dillon's surviving family members are his wife of 35 years, Pam (class of 1973) , a son and daughter, Chris (class of '09) and Katie (class of '11), his mother, Phyllis (Roy) Schmunk and 3 brothers, David (Gaye), Mark (Cathy), and Scott Dillon. He was preceded in death by his father, Junior Lee Dillon

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